Insert row data upon tapping empty cell

iipauliipaul Paul ZolnierczykUSUniversity
edited November 2012 in Xamarin.iOS

Is there a way to insert a row similar to the Reminders app in iOS6? Pretty much you tap the empty row and it immediately allows you to edit the title and as soon as you are done typing that in, it takes you to the detail view.


  • NicWiseNicWise Nic Wise NZInsider, University mod

    You could just put a row there with an edit box. When the edit box gets focus, you change the icon on the left (if you are copying reminders). Once the user presses return, you convert it into a proper cell and add a new "blank" one under

  • iipauliipaul Paul Zolnierczyk USUniversity

    Thanks for the advice, I will give that a try! I'm also going to try replicating the in-line editing that Reminders provides as well based off this stack overflow response:

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