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Odd Issues with the AXML Editor


I'm running VS2012 and whilst the AXML editing seems pretty good I have seen it doing some odd unexpected things.

There seems to be quite a delay between an edit and recognition that a change has been made and VS putting the asteric character against the file name.

It obviously parses the file contents on render which if you just put a lot of white space between elements it will parse that out during a render of the Design view. That is fine I guess (although as I'm learning AXML I do find it easier to space things out to make it less "busy" to look at) the problem is I've also seen it change my code, and not for the better.

I was running through some buttons and pasting over a single attribute changing android:gravity="center_horizontal" to android:gravity="center_horizontal|center_vertical". I then went to the Design view and didn't see the changes. Flipped back to the Source view and these attributes were again android:gravity="center_horizontal".

Has anyone else seen anything like this happening?

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