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Add shared project to existing solution

NathanTaylor.SBNathanTaylor.SB USMember

Is it possible to add a shared project to an existing solution which already has platform-specific implementations? The only template available is a multi-project template which also creates new iOS, Android and Windows Phone projects

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  • NathanTaylor.SBNathanTaylor.SB USMember

    Spot on Alec, thank you!

  • NathanTaylor.SBNathanTaylor.SB USMember

    Here's where I found the option, for anyone wondering:

    add shared project

  • KamalMostofiKamalMostofi GBMember ✭✭

    Hi - I created a cross platform Xaml solution but I cannot add shared project to this solution that I can write my Data Access classes. Do I need to create a separate solution as Shared Project for Data Access Classes and reference them?

    Many thanks,

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