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How could the .mlpd file be viewed/analyzed on Windows7

We are trying to view/analyze an .mlpd file pulled from an android Xamarin app using the following commands stated in

  1. adb shell setprop debug.mono.profile log:heapshot
  2. Run Xamarin app
  3. adb pull /data/data/@[email protected]/files/.override/profile.mlpd

We could not find “mprof-report” even after installing mono for Windows

Really appreciate any kind of information for the following questions.

1) How could the .mlpd file be viewed/analyzed on Windows7?
2) We tried viewing the .mlpd using the Xamarin Profiler. But unfortunately all snapshot show a size of 0 Bytes, however the .mlpd file size is around 100MB. Any possible reason why Xamarin Profiler is unable to interpret this file?
3) We tried to profile the Android Xamarin app via Xamarin Profiler using the "Start Profiling" option, however every time the app started, Xamarin profiler would crash/close out. Any possible reason for this to happen?

In summary – We are running into a memory leak on our Android app developed via Xamarin. We would like to view the mono heap and identify the root cause of the memory leak.

Some high level background of the Android app :
Application UI is implemented using HTML and javascripts. The HTML page is rendered using a browser control and it communicates with the business logic layer through http requests made to a local web server (hosted in the device) which is home grown and lightweight.

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