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Universal way to run tasks and do backgrounding across Android and iOS?

CRoscoeCRoscoe CAMember ✭✭

I have been looking into backgrounding with Xamarin and have failed to find a universal way to do so.

Essentially, I need to have the app every few hours run a certain task in the background. The task is minor, does not need to be on a schedule (as in "every 3 hours is great, but if it takes an entire day at times that's okay too") and requires sending/receiving data to DropBox using DropNet.

Is there a universal way to do backgrounding? Or is this something I would need to get into the platform specific code for?

and whichever it is, could you point me to a good place to learn? I have been trying to teach myself but have been struggling to understand the platform specific code. Hopefully there is a "one size fits all" universal way.

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