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Problems with binding an java library

Hi All,

I'm binding the OovooSDK for android but having a few problems along the way.

The sdk has an com.oovoo.core.ui.ooVooSdkGLSurfaceView. I changed the namespace use metadata.xml into Oovoo.Core.UI.
Now when i try to add the view to an axml layout as follows:

android:visibility="invisible" />

It throws an exception saying that the file can't be inflated because the class can't be found.
All works fine when created in code and also when i use the original namespace (com.oovoo.ui).

The other problem is that when the view is created through axml the methods and properties of the class throw an exception of type java.lang.NullPointerException. This doesn't happen when the view is created in code.

I hope someone can help me out.

Thanks for your time,

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