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Unable to Navigate to the same page (update the content on the same page ) :

VenkataKrishnaChikkalaVenkataKrishnaChikkala USMember
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Hi ,
I am working on the xamarin code for developing android and ios applications. ( I am really nob with xamarin )

My application is an employee search. It consists of two pages 1) search bar page ( which lists search results) and 2) view employee details(after selecting an employee in the page1 it will navigate to the second page)

If the search result contains only one record it directly navigate to the second page.
Page1: (SearchBarPage.cs)

    public async void ReadContacts(string searchvalue) 

    //ldap calls and other validations

    if (count == 1)
    EmployeeDetailsPage employeeDetailsPage = new EmployeeDetailsPage(empSelected);                
await Navigation.PushAsync(employeeDetailsPage);

In page 2 : we have a feature called manager link. After clicking the manger link it displays the second page with manger details.

    SearchBarPage page = new SearchBarPage();
    manager.GestureRecognizers.Add(new TapGestureRecognizer

      Command = new Command(() => page.ReadContacts(mainContact.managerID))

I am trying to pass the manager empId to the read method in SearchBarPage with which we can search and display the results of the manager.

My issue is, after selecting the manager link my page is not getting refreshed but in the background (logs) I can see that the entire process running perfectly except it is not navigating from second page to second page (manager).

Summary :
Employee Search -> employee details ->manger link -> GUI no change , background loading the manger details -> again manager link -> no change in the GUI, background I can see the calls of my manger’s manager details.

Please help me.
Apologies if this is really confusing.
Thanks in Advance

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