Xamarin Licence Autorenewal Problem

LinJiaQinLinJiaQin CNMember
edited June 2015 in General

I just received a email said i have subscribed my licence and my money have been taked. But i do nothing and i have not decided to renew it or not. Than i look my account and i find it was autorenewal.
The problem are:
1. I'm a teacher at university, i used xamarin for student studing. so I just need to pay for an eduction price, but it was taken for a regular price.
2. I'm not decide to renew it because xamarin have a very hard study curve for students in the last year. I think xamarin should send a email firstly before taking the money to remind me.
3.When a send a email to [email protected] to complain those, Nobody reply to me. I feel bad, it looks like xamarin just care about the money.

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