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WCF in a IOS project

I'm working on a cross platform project
I have created the common code in Visual Studio.
The data is exposed via a WCF service.
It works fine in a console version sonsuming the data.

The problem is when I try to consume the data from my IOS project.
I don't now how to consume the WCF data from IOS.
I have tried to generate a proxy using slvcutil but with no result.
(it failed. Tried to generate a config file. But it the fails)

Or should I implement an JSON service instead.
It takes 5 sec to make the WCF to a JSOn service.
If it is easier to consume I will do that.

Any good idears?

Br Morten


  • AlexanderPAlexanderP USMember ✭✭

    Have you tried generating web service client (.NET2.0 Web Service) instead of WCF?

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