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Xamarin and Citrix XenMobile?

PatrickKellyPatrickKelly USUniversity ✭✭

Does anyone else have XenMobile for their internal Enterprise App Store?
Trying to deploy Xamarin Apps to our internal store. iOS worx like a champ, but Android - not so much.
Just wondering if anyone has had experience with deploying through Worx Home...

Anyway, for you Xamarin Folks, I would highly suggest you reach out to Citrix and see what you can do to help them get Xamarin supported through XenMobile.


  • Hi Patrick,
    How did you make it working with Xamarin.iOS? Did you embed Worx SDK?

  • PatrickKellyPatrickKelly USUniversity ✭✭

    Eventually Citrix got most of their stuff together. We have a team at our organization that works on getting the ipas and apks into the Store. Right now Android works when it's wrapped, iOS mostly works when it's wrapped. However, they never did get the internal data access via MicroVPN sorted out with Xamarin so we host everything in Azure and access internal data via the Azure Express Route.

  • sureshbabuluckysureshbabulucky USMember ✭✭
    edited February 2019


    Hi Patric,

    Please help me to complete this process for Integration to Internal App Store and Citrix MDX Toolkit SDK integration in Xamarin.iOS for get the user information from Citrix Store. I hope you have completed this process

    Thanks in Advance,

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