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Xamarin Studio debugger terminates app without any logged exception or error.

KostubDeshmukhKostubDeshmukh USMember ✭✭

I am using the Xamarin SDK in my iOS app.

From my FinishedLaunching method on the AppDelegate, I call this code as advised in the Branch documentation (

    BranchIOS.Init(BranchKey, url, true);
    Branch branch = Branch.GetInstance();

If I run my code using the debugger (both on iPhone and iPhoneSimulator), the app terminates shortly afterwards, without any sort of error or exception printed in the logs. (There is an exception logged by Crashlytics in a log file, but I can't read it.) It is indeterminate when exactly the app terminates.

If I start the app without the debugger, Run -> Start Without Debugging, the app runs fine and does not terminate. Of course, if I remove the above 3 lines, the app runs fine under the debugger as well.

How do I go about getting a stack trace or some other log to find out why the app is terminating, and what is causing the app to terminate only while debugging?

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