Xamarin.Android Preview for Android 5.1 and Android M

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We are pleased to announce Xamarin.Android 5.1.77, which contains preview bindings for Android 5.1 and the Android M Developer Preview. This preview release is based on Xamarin.Android 5.1.4.

Android 5.1 is supported through the new $(TargetFrameworkVersion) value of v5.1.

Android M is supported through the new $(TargetFrameworkVersion) value of v5.2. Note that using M APIs also requires setting the //uses-sdk/@android:targetSdkVersion attribute within AndroidManifest.xml to MNC.

Note: Xamarin.Android 5.1.77 will never be a stable release, so don't wait for it. I have little faith that there won't be API changes to API-M before it becomes stable...whenever it becomes stable... so the v5.2 target framework should be considered to be unstable, and will change until API-M becomes a properly stable API-23.

Please let us know if you find any issues with this preview :-)
- Jon

PPS: Why 5.1.77? Because 77 is the ASCII value for 'M'.



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