connection to Xamarin.ios Build host failed

I had a problem setting up the connection to the mac Xamarin.ios Build host. Could someone please help me? I have no idea why it failed. If I get some hints or step by step guide it will be very helpful.


  • AaronGongAaronGong USMember

    I tried telnet. I got the error below.

  • FredyWengerFredyWenger CHInsider ✭✭✭✭✭

    First, this is the wrong forum for such questions.
    You should post it in the VS-Form here:

    I also had this problem some time ago (so I can feel with you :smirk: ) and there are generally a lot of problems right now with the VS-integration-SW (you can see it in the VS-Forum).
    But nevertheless a few hints:
    On the MAC, you have to start a Build-Host (that makes the connection between XS/XCode on the MAC and your VS)

    • Have you checked, if it run's on the MAC?
    • The versions of XS / BH and the VS-integration-SW have to work together

      • You have some further error-messages (to the versions)?
    • Sometimes also a reboot (from MAC and your Windows-machine) helps
      You also can try to un-pair the BH (button on BH) and then pair once again:

    • close VS

    • un-pair the BH on the MAC
    • reboot MAC
    • start BH and pair
    • start VS and, connect to MAC, enter the MAC-IP manually (you should take care btw. that the MAC has a fix IP)

    A further hint is, to deactivate the "sleep-mode" on the MAC (what also can cause such problems)

    I further have write a starter-guide some time ago, that maybe helps you. You can find it here:

    Hope this helps...

  • AaronGongAaronGong USMember

    when I run diagnose I get what you see below.


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