VS2015 and Xamarin Forms

I am brand new to Xamarin. I am tasked with looking into using Xamarin Forms for developing and application for Android and then later running it on the Universal Windows Platform for a Windows 10 Mobile device.

I created a VM running Windows 10 Pro preview and VS2015 RC. I found some instructions online for installing Xamarin for VS2015.(http://www.infragistics.com/community/blogs/blagunas/archive/2014/11/14/installing-xamarin-for-visual-studio-2015-preview-side-by-side-with-visual-studio-2013.aspx)
Following those instructions, in VS2015 I chose to create a new Android project and that process directed me to a Xamarin location for identifying myself and downloading the Xamarin Universal Installer. After that installer ran Programs and Features showed that I had installed Xamarin, Xamarin Studio 5.9.3 and Xamarin Universal Installer.

I started up VS2015 but I do not see any Mobile Apps choice that showed in the online instructions. When attempting to create a new Android project I now get a solution and a project with references to Microsoft.CSharp and several System. assemblies and a file named GetXamarin.xambe which when opened provides a link to download Xamarin.

Is there something I missed during the install that would make Xamarin Forms available to me, or is the combination of W10 preview, VS2015RC and Xamarin not ready yet? If not ready, would a VM with Windows 8.1, VS2013 and Xamarin be a better place to start? Can this latter combo be used to build Xamarin Forms apps that can target the Universal Windows Platform?

Windows 10 Pro Preview Build 10074, VS2105 RC Version 14.0.22823.1 D14REL

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