Installed 3.11.590 on Win/VS, detects Build host on Mac but never pairs

I installed 3.11.590 on a fresh machine with VS2013 Update 4 (used the XamarinInstaller) and also updated my mac to the latest version (used Xamarin Studios check for updates).

When I go to tools/Xamarin/ios Settings/Find my mac...I can see that my mac is listed there. But it never asks for my pairing code and I have tried several pair/unpair combinations with no success. VS/Xamarin Find my mac never asks for a pairing code...hence never pairs.

I also tried going into the windows registry and Current User/Software/Xamarin/MonoTouchVS and deleting the value in MonoTouchBuildServerAddress as well as the Mac name entry from the KnownServers list. Even still when I go into VS/Xamarin/Find my automatically populates the mac, but never successfully pairs.

Did not have this issue with the last stable version at all.

Suggestions on how to fix this?

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