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I'm trying to port an Android app written in Mono to Microsoft Windows (not mobile). The Android app uses the WebView control. I've take the app to Visual Studio but have hit a snag. The Windows WebBrowser control has no way of intercepting requests and pre-processing them, which I can do with the Android WebView with "ShouldInterceptRequest". I'm now looking at using Xamarin Studio and using the GTK# to develop the Windows program. My question is; does the Gtk# package in Xamarin contain a Web Browser? I know that Mono has a Web Browser base around Gecko. Is this usable in Xamarin Studio using Gtk#?

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  • ChrisHonselaarChrisHonselaar NLBeta ✭✭✭

    I have no personal experience with the Gtk# WebBrowser control, but as to your original attempt with the Microsoft WebBrowser control: you should be able to do pretty much anything there. You just need to import Microsoft.mshtml.dll and use the mshtml interfaces.
    You can intercept DOM element clicks, load/unload events, etc etc.

    You could also explore the DesktopGap project if you want to go gain even more control (such as registering custom protocol handlers).

  • bvwbvw USMember

    Chris, I just started with XAMARIN STUDIO on my Mac. installed it from the monodevelop download page and after a few hours of wondering where the dmg was, finally realized that XAMARIN STUDIO was mlnodevelop. The Mono Monodevelop page did NOt make that clear at all.

    I have a VS C# 2008 project I'd like to work on Mac native rather than Parallels/MS native and that project uses a third party licensing package with three dlls and the MSHTML.dll, and also Microsoft.System.Deployemnt. On initial open of the solution file these were all id'd as problems.

    I can cut out the 3rd party licensing stuff for testing, I'd like it back or some work-alike at some point, but I need the MSHTML.dll.

    Exactly how do I import it?

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