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What is the best way to change name of a project?

Hi everyone,

I want to change the name of my cross-platform Xamarin Studio project from QWE to BNM. Also, I want to change all the directories, namespaces, and assemblies named RTY to BNM. Is the quickest way to create a new, empty project and paste in the code from my old project? Or is there a way to do a search and replace? Thanks.


  • NormEstabrookNormEstabrook USMember, University

    You could open your solution in Visual Studio (assuming you have a Windows box somewhere) or access to a Windows VM that you could install Visual Studio on. Then, use Visual Studio's "Refactor- rename" context menu options that recursively search your solution for name references and changes them. You can then open your solution back up in Xamarin Studio. Visual Studio Community edition is a free download.

  • OneironautOneironaut USMember

    Thanks, Norm. Your solution involves learning a new IDE and application, but I appreciate the response.

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