No valid iOS code signing keys found in keychain

m4k0m4k0 ESMember


I keep getting this error on windows whenever I want to debug using iOS Simulator, I am not enrolled on the apple developers program, so I don't have signing keys.
I've been looking in the forum for two days and everything I found doesn't work.
My Entitlements.plist is empty and I have Visual Studio 2013 and Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin Studio 5.9.3.
It does work when I use Xamarin Studio 5.9.3 on Mac.



  • m4k0m4k0 ESMember

    I've noticed that if I create a project only for iOS it works, but if I make a Xamarin.Forms it doesn't.
    Any idea how could I fix it?

  • MaurilioFilhoMaurilioFilho BRMember

    For environments with the use of XS had to make a change in the properties of iOS project
    Project.iOS> Options> Build> iOS Signing Bundle the option which is described "Custom Entitlements" remove the content that is in the box and leave it blank, Now save the project and recompile all over again that everything worked !!
    Now for VS environments I not found one yet not solution because the VS do not have the ability to change the properties of iOS projects!

  • ManInTheLoftManInTheLoft GBBeta, University ✭✭

    @Maurilio Filho - worked for me thanks.

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