"Frame not in module" while trying to debug Android app in VS2013.

I'm getting unhandled exception when trying to debug very basic code in Android app. Here is steps to reproduce:
1. Create Xamarin Native (Portable) solution;
2. Set breakpoint first line of activity's OnCreate method;
3. Run the app in debug mode (F5). Here all goes well and I can step over all the method lines:
4. Now go to UI designer and add a WebView control to the page:
5. Run the app in debug mode (F5) again and try to step over "SetContentView (Resource.Layout.Main);" line. You will get unhandled exception:
With the next windows opens:
Here is output window:

2.PNG 23.4K
3.PNG 27.3K
4.PNG 8.2K
5.PNG 34.2K


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