New Error This Morning - Error MSB6006: "aapt.exe" exited with code 1. (MSB6006)

MaansaMaansa USMember

Hi everyone

I am getting this error for the first time this morning in my project. It was building fine last week, but today it is not, even though there has not been any changes to the code. Furthermore, there are no new Resources that have a hyphen (-) in the name.

I have changed my Log verbosity to Diagnostic, and restarted Xamarin Studio + Clean and Build Project, yet I do not see a more descriptive error message.

I have also downgraded my Android SDK Tools as suggested in this link:, hoping that it was related.

Does anyone have any input that can possibly point me into the right direction? I've been trying different suggestions available in this forum as well as stackoverflow, but do not seem to be getting anywhere.

Really appreciate it, thanks!

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