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There's no emulation debug option in my project for windows phone project

JRolandrosJRolandros FRMember ✭✭

I'm dealing with a wanderfull problem in my Xamarin form solution.
I can run in a debug mode my android project using an emulator. But when I cry to run the WP project, the first supprizing thing I get into is that there is no emulator option to debug, there is only the device option.
Notice that I switched on my Hyper-V in my Windows 8.1 VM.
what do I miss? any help?
here is the error I got (in french unfortunatelly ;) )
échec de déploiement car aucun windows phone n'a été détecté. Rassurez-vous qu'un téléphone est connecté sous tension Xamarin.forms

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