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June 10, 2015 - Amsterdam area, NL - Dutch Mobile .NET Developers Meetup

VincentHVincentH USBeta ✭✭
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Come meet us at the June Dutch Mobile .NET Developers Meetup @ Macaw for two interesting sessions:

EigenZorg App Architecture: Maarten Sikkema and Vincent Hoogendoorn will present mobile architecture innovations in the soon to be published rebuilt EigenZorg app. With Xamarin Forms + Web SPA apps, a streaming web sockets viewmodel API (no REST), and a backend with Orleans actors running on Azure (no database), this app demonstrates new patterns for mobile app development.

Material Design: With the release of Android Lollipop last year, Google introduced a radical new design for Android and it’s apps. And although Lollipop still runs only on a small amount of devices, you can take advantage of the new design principles in your apps for all Android versions back to 2.x by leveraging the Android Support Libraries in Xamarin. Stefan Moonen will present some key features of Material design, and explain how you can transform your existing apps with ease.

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