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What 's "SIGABRT Crash in xamarin_get_block_descriptor"?

DungNguyenDungNguyen USMember

What 's "SIGABRT Crash in xamarin_get_block_descriptor" ? and how to fix that?
here is the stacktrace


Incident Identifier: 87635E9A-0929-481F-946C-6E92B5ABD364
CrashReporter Key:   TODO
Hardware Model:      iPhone5,2
Process:         SanhRong [382]
Path:            /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/3D67C9BD-D854-4FA4-B176-60A6E9A126A2/
Code Type:       ARM
Parent Process:  launchd [1]

Date/Time:       2015-06-02 03:13:51 +0000
OS Version:      iPhone OS 8.3 (12F70)
Report Version:  104

Exception Type:  SIGABRT
Exception Codes: #0 at 0x37ab4df0
Crashed Thread:  16

Thread 0:
0   SanhRong                            0x00aa0576 0x00a32576 
1   libsystem_c.dylib                   0x37a51193 __cxa_finalize_ranges + 279
2   libsystem_c.dylib                   0x37a10b45 exit + 13
3   UIKit                               0x2c882987 -[UIApplication _terminateWithStatus:] + 407
4   UIKit                               0x2ca69349 -[UIApplication _handleApplicationDectivationWithScene:shouldForceExit:transitionContext:completion:] + 2417
5   UIKit                               0x2ca648e7 -[UIApplication workspaceShouldExit:] + 167
6   FrontBoardServices                  0x2fd76ec9 __31-[FBSSerialQueue performAsync:]_block_invoke_2 + 17
7   CoreFoundation                      0x29172fd5 __CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_BLOCK__ + 13
8   CoreFoundation                      0x29172299 __CFRunLoopDoBlocks + 217
9   CoreFoundation                      0x29170dd3 __CFRunLoopRun + 1715
10  CoreFoundation                      0x290bd201 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 477
11  CoreFoundation                      0x290bd013 CFRunLoopRunInMode + 107
12  GraphicsServices                    0x3099c201 GSEventRunModal + 137
13  UIKit                               0x2c861a59 UIApplicationMain + 1441
14  SanhRong                            0x0037d054 0x0030f054 
15  SanhRong                            0x003304d0 0x002c24d0 
16  SanhRong                            0x00330490 0x002c2490 
17  SanhRong                            0x0008a1c8 0x0001c1c8 
18  SanhRong                            0x001d4290 0x00166290 
19  SanhRong                            0x00a1a097 0x009ac097 
20  SanhRong                            0x00a61b51 0x009f3b51 
21  SanhRong                            0x00a650ff 0x009f70ff 
22  SanhRong                            0x00a64f3f 0x009f6f3f 
23  SanhRong                            0x00a04129 0x00996129 
24  SanhRong                            0x00ac5ed0 0x00a57ed0 
25  SanhRong                            0x009104cd 0x008a24cd 
26  libdyld.dylib                       0x379eaaaf start + 3


  • RolfBjarneKvingeRolfBjarneKvinge USXamarin Team Xamurai

    You can ignore this crash.

    What happens is that the main thread is exiting (see Thread 0 frame #2), and cleaning up process-wide resources.

    At the same time Thread #16 is trying to execute managed code, which fails due to some of the cleanup Thread 0 just did.

    The important point however is that this happens when the application is already exiting. This means that the user will not see any difference whatsoever.

  • hni878hni878 USMember ✭✭

    I got the same problem at launch, any idea what I have to do?

  • VictorChelaruVictorChelaru USMember ✭✭

    @RolfBjarneKvinge Are you sure this can only occur on exit? According to insights:

    Crashed 0s
    Resumed 0s

    This seems to suggest that the app is being brought into the foreground, then crashes.

  • RolfBjarneKvingeRolfBjarneKvinge USXamarin Team Xamurai

    @VictorChelaru: yes, this particular crash can only happen on exit. That does not mean your app isn't crashing due to something else (a symbolicated crash report would be required to diagnose though).

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