How can I set an image from URL to ImageView

Hi I'm newby in this. I want to set an image from a hosted site in a server of my network (the app will only work in our LAN). The URL is for instance:

I tried both of these:

row.FindViewById (Resource.Id.imgVideo).SetImageURI (Android.Net.Uri.Parse(rutaImg));


row.FindViewById (Resource.Id.imgVideo).SetImageBitmap(GetImageBitmapFromUrl(rutaImg));

private Bitmap GetImageBitmapFromUrl(string url)

        Bitmap imageBitmap = null;

        using (var webClient = new WebClient())
            var imageBytes = webClient.DownloadData(url);
            if (imageBytes != null && imageBytes.Length > 0)
                imageBitmap = BitmapFactory.DecodeByteArray(imageBytes, 0, imageBytes.Length);

        return imageBitmap;


The first one doesn't work and the second is for Url's in Internet (I think, because the method returns null).

Thanks in advance!



  • AlbertoZambranoAlbertoZambrano USMember
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    Sorry guys, I solved the problem.

    Instead of using a string in: var imageBytes = webClient.DownloadData(url);
    I just needed to convert the url (string) to an URI, so the solution is: var imageBytes = webClient.DownloadData(new Uri(url));

  • guys i hev problem of imageurl
    hw to solution

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