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Multiple image sizes and densities on Mono for Android

Hi There,

I started my Android learning, using Eclipse for Android and now I am starting with Mono for Android. I am a .Net developer since 2003, so Mono for Android became a more natural way to go ahead inside this Android world.

Sometimes I stops my development cause a simple thing that is really very simple using Eclipse, but with Mono for Android, becomes a little obscure, cause I cant find a clear explanation.

On Eclipse, to develop an application to multiple resolutions/sizes, with very different sizes and densities, we create specific folders for small, normal, large and xlarge screens with low, medium and high densities. And we create images for all those types. A little work, but is simple to understand and to implement.

And how can I do that with Mono for Android ?

Another thing. On Eclipse, when I create a new launcher icon, the system automatically transforms it to all kind of densities. On Mono, we dont have this feature.

So, to resume, I have those doubts:

1) what can I do to develop an app to multiple screens sizes and densities ? I need to create those folders as I do with Eclipse ? I need to create each image and logo for different sizes and densities ?

2) What can I do to import a launcher icon for my app, for 32x32, 48x48 and 72x72 dp ? I need to create folders too ? How ?

3) How Mono for Android controls my app when it is running on multiple and different types of smartphones ? Is it automatic or I need to do something in my code to control that ?

Best Regards,

Marcelo Oliveira.


  • TomOpgenorthTomOpgenorth CAXamarin Team Xamurai

    All of the things you had to do in a Java based Android application to support different screen densities and sized you would do in a Mono for Android application. As you mentioned, Eclipse has wizards that help you out with these sort of things, but Mono for Android does not. You can create the resources folders manually, and you might find the Android Asset Studio helpful in creating resources.

    I provide this link to the Xamarin resources document for your reference, just in case it might help you out.

  • Olivertech2009Olivertech2009 BRMember ✭✭


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