Experiencing strange crash when deep linking to iCal and navigating back to app

I am experiencing an unusual crash in my Xamarin iOS app that I am unable to track down. I experience the crash and receive the following error message only when running on a device. It works fine in the simulator.

"objc[1736]: Cannot form weak reference to instance (0x190e3c60) of class EKEventDateEditItem. It is possible that this object was over-released, or is in the process of deallocation."

This only occurs when a user adds items to their iCal, is deep linked into their iCal to view the new items, comes back manually to the app and then performs an action that triggers a network request and a tableview load.

It appears to be directly related to the iCal deep link because if you leave the app manually and then come back, everything continues to work fine. It seems that something about the iCal deep link is deallocating something in the ObjC code but I am unable to figure out what is exactly happening.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this?


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