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Possible bug: PushAsync a CarouselPage does not change page (iOS 8.3)

NamHoang.3859NamHoang.3859 CAMember ✭✭
edited May 2015 in Xamarin.Forms

Reproducing this bug is easy:

  • Create a TabbedPage A
  • Create a ContentPage B as a tab of A
  • Inside B create a CarouselPage C
  • Inside B create a button, button.Clicked += PushAsync(C) // Note: same instance, not new-ing everytime

The first time I click the button, it takes me to C. If I push Back to go back to B then click the button again, it does NOT take me to C but the NavigationStack.Count is still increased. If I click the button the 3rd time, the app crashes with error: Page must not already have a parent.

I wonder if this is actually a bug and there is anyone experience the same thing.

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