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How to send local notification without open app?

FndFnd TWMember

hi there,
I have a question with notification,
does iOS have any solution like Android's service?
I wanna make a app,
it will send notification when time up,
and I Invoke it in background,
but after I quit app,
it doesn't work anymore,
can you please tell me,
how to let it works when my app isn't running?


  • FndFnd TWMember

    I found out the solve,
    if I set FireDate and ScheduleLocalNotification,
    it will run when app was closed,
    but I have another question,
    when I run this code below:
    UIApplication.SharedApplication.ScheduleLocalNotification (notification);
    it will send a notification even I set FireDate,
    can you please tell me how to cancel it just let it trigger in FireDate?

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