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HttpClient with NTLM authentication

I'm currently investigating some strange behaviour I see when using the System.Net.Http.HttpClient.

I have a REST API with Windows Authentication enabled running on my webserver and I'm trying to get and post data to this REST API. Based on a domain users credentials.

I'm sending the credentials with the request via the HttpClientHandler as below

var httpClientHandler = new HttpClientHandler () {
Credentials = new NetworkCredential (username, password, AppConstants.DOMAIN_NAME),

var httpClient = new HttpClient (httpClientHandler);
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Clear ();
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add (new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue ("application/json"));

var result = await httpClient.GetStringAsync(url);

No problem using this code, in my Fiddler loggin I see 3 requests coming in, first one gets a 401 and returns the WWW-Authenticate headers that the server supports. Next request sends the NTLM WWW-Authenticate header and get some NTLM value back in the response. Third request send the correct NTLM authorization header and get's the data.

Seems to me like a normal authentication flow when using NTLM.

Troubles start when I want to POST data to the API and use the PostAsync method on the HttpClient. When I intercept the requests than the only request I see is the one that returns the WWW-Authenticate methods that the server supports.

Anyone have some clue why this is not continuing the authentication flow?

I have updated my code to use the WebClient and when I POST data with the WebClient it's working fine.

I have also tried to build a Console application on Windows and use the HttpClient to POST data to the same REST API and also than no problem with the authentication flow.


  • JordiCorominasJordiCorominas ESMember

    We are experiencing exactly the same issue... And the worst is that it was working fine until we update to the latest version of Xamarion.iOS, then it stopped to work.

    We detailed our case here (before finding your post):

  • NPiduriNPiduri USUniversity

    We are seeing some issues with NTLM as well, both Android and iOS. Have you resolved your issue? If yes, how? Thanks.

  • HowardBaylissHowardBayliss USMember ✭✭

    I've seen the same issue with Xamarin Android and posted a potential solution in the thread created by Jordi (see above).

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