Xamarin Stripe Apple Pay improper Format Exception

I am Integerating apple pay in my app using stripe,XAMARIN STRIPE COMPONENT


In this the apple pay view controller is working fine and authorzing the user successfully after that I'm trying to create a token using pkpayment in stripe.

I am getting StripeInvalidrequestException(improper format)

//After Successfully authorized from apple pay I call this method to create a token from stripe

async Task HandlePaymentAuthorization (PKPayment payment, PKPaymentAuthorizationHandler completion)

var token = await StripeClient.CreateToken (payment); //Throwing StripeInvalidrequestException "Improper format Exception"

await CreateBackendCharge (token, completion);
} catch (Exception ex) {
completion (PKPaymentAuthorizationStatus.Failure);
Console.WriteLine (ex);

Please anyone help to solve this out.


  • Pooja105Pooja105 Member ✭✭

    dinesh.5255 Were you able to integrate Apple Pay with Stripe successfully? Could you Share any sample Code

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