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Contextual action bar remain visible when one navigates from a modal page.

ShingiMutandwaShingiMutandwa USUniversity

In our app we have a list view on a modal page and enabled the context action to remove an item from the the list view. Users can press down on an item in the list and tap on the Remove button to remove the item. We have a close button on the modal page to dismiss the modal and navigate to the previous screen. The problem we have is that on Android, a user can hold down on an item to bring up the context menu at the top and then tap on close button to close the modal page which leaves the contextual action bar visible on the main screen. Is there any way to dismiss the contextual bar via the api when a modal page is closed? Also is there any way to customise the "tick" icon to something meaningful like "Cancel" or "Go Back"?


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