Xamarin dev Team, error after error after errors, is this IDE broken?

i'm having a really big issue with the Designer for android all i did was open the Main.axml and i'm getting this error "the layout could not be loaded: Exception of type 'Xamrin.Designer.DesignerException' was thrown.
what does this even mean? i google it and i found a few forums on xamarin with no reply. i have checked xml source and no error found. i started a new project, i didnt even touch the xml source and i just add the controls to the form and i get the same error once i "save all" then reopen the Main.axml. i have removed the Main.axml and rebulit the forum i was making just to get the same error again.


Xamarin is stressing me out with all the dame error. -_-
works fine if i run it with a Samsung NOTE 10.1 but the designer wont let me do anything.



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    so this f*&$#@# error is cause when cloning the default layout to support different screen sizes.
    i have layout-sw800dp and sw768dp when i cloned my default layout this error pops up after switching back to default layout.

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    this error is also caused by just F$%#$%#$%$% copying the Main.axml to different folder if you copy from default layout fold to lets say layout-sw768dp-land then default gives this error but layout-sw768dp-land works fine now if you copy Main from sw768dp to layout-sw800dp-land. guess what happen, but you can't! on my hell, Main.axml in folder sw768dp pops up this error and sw800dp is working fine. WTF i had no issue doing this in the last week and now this week i'm getting this dame error.

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    i'm so fucking pissed off at Xamarin!!!!!!!!

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