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Deadlock issue with Listeners


I am trying to implement code to support authentication using an external library. The authentication result is returned asynchronously using a Java listener. Using JNI, I pass an interface implementing IAuthResultHandler that exposes OnAuthenticated and OnAuthenticationError.

So, basically, when I call the authentication method, I pass the handler. The OnAuthenticated gets called asynchronously when the result is known.

My problem: the call to OnAuthenticated is done on the main thread instead of the thread where the object was created. A Java programmer told me this was the norm in Java. I was trying to await the call to the callback, but the tests in NUnitLite are also executed on the main thread, which causes a deadlock.

Any idea how I could get around this?

Thank you!


  • DominicMarierDominicMarier CAMember

    Has soon has you have to test something on the ui thread using thread, NUnitLite will block.
    We had to switch to xunit to test code with thread.

  • MihaMarkicMihaMarkic SI ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2015

    Well, I wouldn't use unit testing for that in first place. Instead you should mock all external services. Besides does NUnitLite support asynchronous testing? NUnit does.

  • MaximeDumasMaximeDumas CAMember
    edited May 2015

    Thank you for your comments! I will try XUnit

    @MihaMarkic: Good point. Except I am developping the wrapper for the external service... This is not my app. To put this in context, I did a Java bindings project for Firebase API which is only available in Java, not in C#. I want to make sure that all the calls are working and that the inner logic that converts from Java to C# data types is working and vice-versa. I will mock the calls to the API in the app. So I need NUnitLite because of the Java dependencies... Nunit fails when I have anything related to java.

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