How to use UITest to interact with a System Authorization Alert on iOS (possibly other platforms)

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I am attempting to implement automated UITests for an iOS app. The app has a view that --when invoked-- will prompt a system authorization request for access to the user's Twitter Accounts (if the user has not already allowed the app access to their Twitter Account using Settings).

UITesting this system authorization request has proved unfruitful, as all interactions with the app (apart from queries) are blocked once the system authorization request alert pops up on screen; i.e. .Tap, .Swipe..., .Invoke, .InvokeUia all begin execution in Repl and WILL timeout if left alone (it is worth noting that tree works without issue). Alternatively, if I attempt an execution of any of the aforementioned functions and click an option in the system authorization request alert on my simulator BEFORE timeout of the function occurs, then I see in Repl that the function completes execution.

In other words: the System alert is halting UITest execution, based on the investigation I have completed thus far.

Is this a known issue? Is there a way around it?

Many Thanks!

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