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Beta service release: Xamarin.Android 5.1.2, bug fixes for 5.1.0

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Released versions:



Reason for release: Bug fixes for the Stable Channel release on April 29.

Release notes:

Date published:

NOTE: Beta versions have not yet completed the full suite of tests by the Xamarin QA team. That said, customer reports of any regressions (or bugs that are incorrectly marked fixed) are still much appreciated, even if the problem would have eventually been caught during the full QA testing process.

Previous versions, downgrading

You can downgrade back to the current Stable version by switching updater channels.

You can downgrade back to the previous Stable versions (from before April 29) by manually reinstalling each old package (see also the article about downgrading). The links to the previous Stable versions are:



Guidelines for this thread

  1. This first post will be updated regularly.

  2. Hopefully this thread will help answer "what might break if I update to this release?"

  3. If you find a new problem that is specific to this version, please file a bug report (if this link redirects to the top-level page the first time you click it, try clicking it once more).

  4. Please discuss older bugs that are unchanged in this release compared to the previous Stable version in Bugzilla instead.

  5. Of course for questions and discussions about topics other than bugs, feel free start new forum threads.

Remaining known issues from the April 29 Stable Channel release, with more common or severe issues near the top

(The fixes for most of these remaining issues are scheduled to be released in the next service release. The first Alpha versions of that release will be published shortly after this current Beta is promoted to Stable.)

  • Non-public Bug 28995 - [Android] On certain devices, certain apps crash frequently due to "System.ExecutionEngineException: SIGILL".

  • Bug 30318 - [Android] Windows only: Breakpoints in PCL projects do not work after cleaning solution, redeploying, and restarting debugging. Partial workaround: delete all the bin folders in the solution after cleaning.

  • Bug 30371 - [Visual Studio] [Android] Project Properties display incorrect default values for "BundleAssemblies" and "EmbedAssembliesIntoApk" if they are not explicitly specified. This means that these properties can "automatically" change to incorrect values when you update other properties under "Project Properties -> Android Options". The incorrect values can cause secondary symptoms like Bug 30334 where breakpoints are not hit in the Debug configuration.

  • Non-public Bug 30057 - [Android] Windows only: the debugger will not be able resolve breakpoints unless "Shared Runtime" is ON and the Linker is OFF (under "Project Properties -> Android Options" in Visual Studio or "Project Options -> Android Build" in Xamarin Studio).

  • Bug 29326 - [Android] String resources defined in NuGet packages overwrite string resources defined in app project, causing the displayed app name to be incorrect for example. Workaround: avoid using the same string key that is used in the NuGet packages.

  • Bug 30548 - [Android] Under certain conditions new threads take several seconds to start. This problem seems to be triggered by Xamarin.Insights 1.10. Partial workarounds: downgrade Xamarin.Insights to version 1.9, or remove it entirely.

  • [Bug 30072]( - [Xamarin Studio] [Android] Xamarin Studio sometimes crashes with SIGABRT in gtk_text_view_validate_onscreen() after password is entered during "Import an Existing Key" in "Build -> Archive for Publishing -> Sign and Distribute" workflow.

  • Non-public Bug 29538 - [Android] Profiling via the graphical Xamarin Profiler ("Run -> Start Profiling") causes the app to crash at startup.

  • Bug 29731 - [Android] Android.Bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter.Enable is incorrectly marked as [Obsolete("deprecated")] for API level 20 and higher.

  • Non-public Bug 29725 - [Xamarin Studio] [iOS] [Android] Expressions in the Watch window are cleared each time you stop debugging.

EDIT May 19: Initial post for Beta releases.
EDIT May 19: Small improvement in XamarinVS Bug 28027: the stop debugging button will no longer pause VS for 2 minutes.
EDIT May 19: Increase severity ranking of Android Bug 28995 based on additional customer reports.
EDIT May 21: Add Mono Bug 30171, Android Bug 30057, iOS Bug 30059.
EDIT May 21: Add Android Bug 30318, Xamarin Studio Bug 30072.
EDIT May 27: Add XVS.Android Bug 30371.
EDIT May 27: Update bugs fixed by latest Beta versions. (30171, 30241)
EDIT May 28: Add Android Bug 30548, iOS Bug 30420.


  • Regarding Bug 30057, I have those settings (Shared Runtime is ON and the Linker is OFF) and I still cannot resolve breakpoints.

  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    @JasonFamularo, thanks for the heads-up! I did indeed have a concern that Bug 30057 does not cover all the cases where breakpoints are failing on Android in this latest version. (In particular, there was at least one customer report suggesting that the issue only changed between 3.11.570 and 3.11.576, whereas Bug 30057 has been present since at least 3.11.445).

    I think we have one test case from a customer so far that supposedly demonstrates this problem, but I haven't yet had a chance to experiment with it, and it looks like the QA team hasn't filed a bug using that test case yet either. If you get a chance, and have a test case that demonstrates the breakpoint problem, feel free to send it to me via a forum message (to @BrendanZagaeski), or to email it in to [email protected], and be sure to mention in the email "Please forward this to Brendan, per his request on the forums:". I definitely wouldn't mind having an additional test case on file to help us make sure we have a way to reproduce the problem. Thanks!

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University mod


    Hi Jason, breakpoints don't trigger in PCL's libraries even when shared code is checked and linker is disabled in Android In my Forms MVVM PCL app). Xamarin have my solution so I'm not sure if it's me Brendan is referring to :smile:

    The support team have my solution but if you want a copy out of your own curiosity then just PM me or ask Ian in the VS team.

  • @NMackay now that you mention it, all my breakpoints are in a PCL library. I just set one in my Android project, and the debugger works.

    @BrendanZagaeski It sounds like you may already have a repro scenario from Norman. I'm trying to get a release out the door today, so I will probably skip getting something together.

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University mod


    That's what tripped me up too, they fire okay in the platform specific projects part of my solution. It's worth noting they do fire in PCL's when debugging in iOS as long as you delete the debug & obj folder for every project in the solution and clear the cache on the iOS build machine each time you open the solution.

  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Yes indeed, the test case we have is NMackay's. Many thanks for that!

    I have found one additional bug so far during my investigation of that test case: Bug 30318. I will add this bug to the list of known issues in the first post in the thread shortly.

    I will also continue my investigation because I am not yet confident that I've explored all the problematic behaviors of the test case.

  • BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    This thread has now been closed to direct all further updates about this service release onto the new Stable release thread:

    For anyone who has been commenting on this thread, feel free to continue the conversation in that new thread.

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