Establish socket connection from Windows PC to iOS (similar to adb forward) for Paradox Game Engine

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As part of Paradox Game Engine development (, we would need to establish a socket connection from our Windows host to iPhone in order for our Shader compiler server to compile shaders remotely (better performance, analytics, etc...). Later we also might also use socket connection to provide some other live info about the engine (data capture, live inspection, memory status, OpenGL states, etc...)

Basically, what we want is something similar to adb forward (or even better, adb reverse), that we can control directly from the Windows PC. It would probably be based on usbmuxd library.

I was thinking of a few options to achieve that:

  1. Ask users to install something on Mac (only thing that we can do now, but it's very unpractical: manual installation, don't know which phone is in current session, harder to maintain/update, security issues since we don't have the Xamarin pairing, etc...)
  2. Have this feature in Xamarin (i.e. an Windows executable like "mtbclient" that could request such things)
  3. Even more flexible, allow anybody to write MSBuild Tasks with SessionId. This Task dll would be copied on Mac and executed remotely (similar to all existing Xamarin tasks with SessionId). This would open possibilities for many other things as well.

It would be very helpful if either option 2 or 3 was possible with Xamarin iOS for Visual Studio.


PS: Paradox Engine 1.1 was just released and it supports PBR, Scene Editor, Scripting, PostFX etc... (currently mobile is broken due to this lack of shader compilation but should be back very soon)

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