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How can I debug or console output in ShareExtension?

DavidLebrunDavidLebrun USMember


I have a ShareExtension inside my project on IOS. When I put a break point inside the ShareExtension it never enter in it. Also, I tried to add a Debug.Writeline("blabal") but it doesn't work.

Project structure

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  • DavidLebrunDavidLebrun USMember

    Debugging support for Extensions is not currently available in Xamarin Studio.

    mmm Ok another solution?

  • BillBartlettBillBartlett USMember ✭✭

    It's a royal pain. Only way I've been able to do any debugging on Extensions is to litter the code with Console.WriteLine(..) methods, but the console output from extensions (at least from ShareExtensions and ActionExtensions) does not show up in the Xamarin Studio console output. The only way to see the console output in Extensions that I've found is as follows:

    1. On the Simulator, view the Simulator's console log via "Debug -> Open System Log".
    2. On a device, you need to use Xcode to watch the console output via the "Devices" window, in the extraordinarily well hidden console output area. Pick your device from the list on the left, then click the tiny, unmarked down-arrow on the very bottom of the detailed pane for that device to show the console for that device.
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