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Can I Generate an IPA from Visual Studio 2015?

JonWoodJonWood USUniversity ✭✭

Is it not possible to generate an iOS IPA file from Visual Studio 2015, or does the solution need to be built on the Mac in Xamarin Studio to generate the file? I try to build on an 'Ad-Hoc' build, but I tend to get the below error:

The OutputPath property is not set for project "PhoneWordFSharp.iOS.fsproj"

It's probably worthwhile to note that I'm running this in F#.


  • JonWoodJonWood USUniversity ✭✭

    I fixed the error by manually updating the Output path in the iOS project. However, I'm still not seeing an IPA file being generated. I only see an EXE.

  • VictorGarciaAprea.9996VictorGarciaAprea.9996 USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Can you please try with a simple app in C# and let me know if you get the .IPA? So we can try to pinpoint if this is a F# only issue. Also, please let me know which version of Xamarin are you using.


  • JonWoodJonWood USUniversity ✭✭

    Sorry for the very long delay @VGA. I did create an iOS project in Visual Studio 2015 RC with the latest Xamarin installed (currently at 3.11.590.0 (5160db7) and Xamarin iOS at I changed the build settings to Ad-Hoc and checked the Build ad-hoc/enterprise package (IPA) setting in the iOS IPA Options in the project settings. I'm still not noticing an IPA file being generated.

  • RobertTakefmanRobertTakefman USMember ✭✭

    Found it after hours

    In visual studio 2015, set solution configuration to 'debug' and solution platform to 'iPhone'. Under solution configuration, I didn't find any Ad-hoc option.

    Goto 'your_ios_project.iOS' properties-->ios Bundle signing, change identity from 'developer(automatic)' to 'iPhone Developer:xx..x(xx..)'

    Build the iOS project. After the build succeeds the IPA file gets generated both in your windows bin folder as well as in the MAC.

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