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Adding Image files to Android resources folder not showing in Xamarin Studio

I've been trying to add a .png file to my Xamarin.Forms app in the Android drawable folder, so I opened the folder, dropped the image in, reloaded Xamarin Studio, but the image file doesn't show up in the drawable folder in the app project. Did I miss a step to add the file?


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  • FilipTodorovicFilipTodorovic USMember

    Thank you! I feel stupid, I kept pressing 'New File' instead of 'Add Files'...

  • AndroidVickyAndroidVicky USMember

    Hi, i need to add images in the Resources folder in the Xamarin.forms in Visual studio, where i added the images in the local folder path in my project but after when i closed my VS and restarted again, i can't find any images in it. How am i supposed to add images in drawable file in xamarin.forms.

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