Issue with deploying to iTunes Connect

Hello fellow programmers,

We are currently in the face where we would like to smack our app onto the iTunes Connect "test flight", however when we submit or xamarin.forms app, we get the following email from apple:

Non-public API usage:
The app references non-public selectors in xAppiOS: _addRecorder:, _playbackEvents:atPlaybackRate:messageWhenDone:withSelector:, _removeRecorder:, applicationWillTerminate, terminateWithSuccess


  • DuncanColeDuncanCole USMember ✭✭

    I've also just encountered this issue. Kinda need a fix pretty quickly.

  • PeterVargaPeterVarga USMember

    Same issue here.

  • We found out was related to the Testing from Xamarin. Once we removed all references to this, the problem disappeared.

  • MihirDashMihirDash INMember ✭✭

    Yes. I had also that issue. Just remove all references related to xamarin test clould or you can just unload the xamarin test project. it will work fine.




    comment this above lines in Appdelegate.cs also

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