Mono for Android VS2010 Plugin Errors

Hi There

Is this the right place to post errors and oddities with the Visual Studio 2010 plugin for Mono4Android? Is anyone working on this to cure problems?

Using VS2010 and the plugin is a little frustrating, mainly because somehow, after a few debugging sessions, devenv.exe starts eating up CPU cycles and it tends to make the VS UI sluggish and grinds the machine slower and slower as time goes on. Restarting VS fixes it.

Is anyone else seeing this?

So, I create and build an app for Android in mono and as there is no official way to exit an Android app, I have to kill the debugging session in VS. I think this is the cause for something leaking and it certainly looks like a thread is left spinning, eating CPU.

Is anyone onto this problem already?

Some of the other problems I've noticed:

  • Debugging code and the app has trouble with some code structures and jumps around the source in some cases.
  • Intellisense underlining code stating it's an error, but it builds fine (more of a cosmetic thing)
  • Debugger finds it hard to follow Exceptions in some cases. I've F10'ed (Step-Over) on a line of code that I know throws an exception expecting to be thrown to a catch-block and the app just runs like F10 was interpreted as a "Run" command.

Anyway, I know some of these things are tricky, but the VS-eating-CPU-after-a-few-debugging-sessions is the most annoying.




  • TeHaTeHa DEMember ✭✭✭

    At my machine the problem with the slow VS10 doesn't occure. But I also recognized that the debugger jumps around in some cases -> for me, that's no real problem.

    I might be wrong, but that you have to 'kill the debugging session' is caused by an android-feature. Apps still running in background after you close them (with pressing back-button) so that you can fast navigate back to an app.
    You can kill an app with a task-manager-app or by go through the menu "Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Select_your_app->Force Stop". Than also your debugging-session stops.

  • MrJimboMrJimbo GBMember

    Yeah, I've been stopping the application like that for a while. Would like a nice dev-switch that would stop an app cleanly just for dev-purposes, but I'm in the wrong place to ask for that (and years late).

    The vs2010-eating-cpu problem is quite noticable for me when deploying to an actual Android device and tends to behave itself when doing emulator work. I forgot to add that to my original post.

    Cheers for the answer.

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