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Continuous Integration with Indie edition

pshomovpshomov ISMember


It is not possible to build iOS (and Android I believe) projects from the command line using Xamarin's Indie edition. I am confused by this and would like to hear what was the thinking behind it. It stops me from setting up continuous integration for my projects and I don't like it. Also, I would like to advocate that all editions should be able to build from the command line ;)

What do you think guys?

Best regards,




  • BasSteijversBasSteijvers NLMember

    Petar Shomov,

    I fully agree! I would like to use Jenkins also for building my projects, but it is not allowed when using the Indie version.
    You have my vote Petar!

  • BasSteijversBasSteijvers NLMember
    edited May 2015

    It was also not mentioned (at Pricing section for example) anywhere that building outside Xamarin Studio is not allowed when using the Indie version.

  • pshomovpshomov ISMember

    Hi Bas,

    Glad you care about this ;)

    The command-line build issue is a sub-item on the "Business Features" item on the price list. Xamarin are a cool company which is associated with Linux, Unix and Open source. I understand they have to make money and we all support them with our wallets but this command-line situation is out of character for Xamarin I feel.

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