How can i get the image from an RSS feed in xamarin?

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Hi guys,

I am using Xdocument to get the data from an RSS feed and then display it. But i cant figure out how to get the image for the feed item. With the same feeds i am able to get the images using SyndicationFeed.

What is the best way to get the RSS feed items images?

string url = feed.url;
                    XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(url);
                    var tmp = doc.Nodes();

                    List<Feed> Feeds = (from item in doc.Element("rss").Element("channel").Elements("item")
                        select new Feed
                            Title = item.Element("title").Value,
                            Link = item.Element("link").Value,
                            Description = item.Element("description").Value,
                            PublicationDate = DateTime.Parse(item.Element("pubDate").Value),
                            GUID = item.Element("guid").Value,
                            Color = feed.colour
                    foreach(var item in Feeds) allFeeds.Add(item);




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