Git integration and multiple repositories in one solution

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Switching from SVN and the joy of one single repository to Git and multiple repositories groups by functionality, couldn't really do the one repo per project as some recommend. My local on disk configuration is:


I like how Xamarin Studio has (master) in some nodes of the solution explorer but I'm not sure why it's not in all and I'm not confident which projects are tracked and which are not, they obviously all should be. I have a few solution folders so it's organized as:

--Foo Shared
--Foh Shared

Each solution folder is a repo which the solution folder is also in one and then App.iOS is in its own repo/folder. Yet App.iOS does NOT have (master) next to it and I'm not sure it's detecting changes.

Can someone shed some light on how best to organize the solution, folders, repo's so that Xamarin Studio will provide the best Git integration for version control? Or should I just turn off version control globally in XS and use a 3rd party app such as SourceTree?

Thank you

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