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Reuseing Xamairn.Forms Shared Project Lib with Web

MitchMuensterMitchMuenster USInsider, University ✭✭


I've been looking into being able to reuse some of the code i wrote in Xamarin forms with and site. Now I realize that Xamarin forms was not built for use with ASP.Net sites originally but I have a few ideas on how to go about it, however i wanted to get feedback from the community.

Have you or anyone had success using Xamarin.Forms code on sites, and if so how did you achieve this and what sort of challenges did you face/What things would be useful for myself or anyone else looking to do this as well as I/they attempt it?

I know I have theorized 2 possible ways (thought time has not been on my side to do a POC for these). They are:

Shared Project Library interfaced with Razer making the Business layer publicly available
2 Shared Project Library's, One handling the App visual layout/setup, the other handling the business layer and interfacing .aspx pages with the business layer Shared Project Library.

Both ways would in theory be supported on both and let me still call a web service (api/wcf/asmx) and both would have a lower then normal % of code reuse unless I brought over a tool like bootstrap and attempted to use that across the board (but that then defeats one of the reasons for me choosing Xamarin forms in the first place.

Your insights on my theories or your own experiences would be appreciated.

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