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Solution window is not showing my project files

I created a new Xamarin Forms solution using a PCL. At this stage the solution had two projects in it: one for my Android-specific code and another for the platform-agnostic Application code. I then added a third project to my solution. It is an existing PCL project which contains some shared code that I wish to use across multiple applications. At this point everything was compiling and working ok.

After re-opening Xamarin Studio I've noticed that my files from the original two project are missing. They do not appear in the solution window when I expand the project. If I attempt to add them again, I get an error message that says "The link '' in the project already includes the file 'L:\XA - Xamarin\XA002_Feeder\Daint\Params.cs'". Everything still compiles. I can open files by doing "File>Open" and modify them. I can also search files. I just can't navigate to any of my source files through the solution window.

Any ideas how to fix this?


  • ZachuZachuZachuZachu PKMember
    edited January 2016

    Yup. Had the same problem myself. For future generations:
    a) open yourProjectName.csproj
    b) find the <Compile Include="somepath\fileNotShowingUp.cs" /> lines
    c) they usually have some strange paths (fully qualified etc) in them - so either correct them to match the paths in the rest of the Compile directives, or delete those wicked lines altogether and re-add the files using the IDE.

    Hope it helps.

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