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Coming to my fellow Xam friends here, I'm in the process of learning Git. Been using SVN on the Mac side (and some on Windows) and TFS on the Windows side. Git seems to be the version control of choice these days as I really don't need TFS as I only use the version control (and build) and use JIRA for the ALM. I'm also a big fan of the Atlassian stack having just installed Stash and Bamboo, and also use Confluence and Fisheye. I digress...

A typical enterprise setup, we have shared libraries used across various apps. So I have a Main iOS app and then about a dozen shared libraries one for the App system and one for the Company, i.e. WCF services, extensions, etc.

TFS you can commit at the solution level and it will commit all changes for all projects - which is great! But, TFS is not really an option on the Mac side as well as within Xam Studio.

SVN has been working great but we really just have one giant repository so we need to break this up going forward such as with Git putting essentially one project in its own repository. In SVN based on our folder structure we can commit at the solution level and it will track and commit all changes in any sub-folder so it covers our shared projects (class libraries, PCL's, services, etc.).

Now to Git. Everything has been going great up to this last stumbling block which is finding the best way to structure the app and libraries such that a developer can right-click on the solution node and choose Review and Commit and have it show all changes in the entire solution. I've explored git subtree's so far, next will be modules.

What is the recommended way to configure this type of setup for use with Xamarin Studio (as well as Visual Studio) so I can get to one version control system and use the great Atlassian stack? I have also been using Source Tree which is a great client app but really want to manage all this from the IDE and not require external version control tools. I'm also not a big fan of command line.

Thank you for any tips

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