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WKWebView + Single Page Application Html5 front-end


I am using Xamarin to build the backend (database, etc) along with a DevExtreme / Knockout Html5 front-end which is served in a webview (file://) and uses both a local httpserver and JsBridge to communicate between the two.

I am hoping to upgrade to the new WkWebView but I am having mega-problems:

  1. Single Page Application examples by DevExpress do not load at all. JavaScript functions are firing but just a white page of index.html is shown
  2. Javascript Alerts are not fired (something to do with webkit delegate)
  3. I’ve lost 18% of my hair trying to debug. I don't think it will grow back.

What would really help is some real-world examples with an SPA Html5 Cordova’ish app (DevExtreme Kitchen Sink app would be great) loaded in a Xamarin served WkWebview.

There must be many programmers out there using DevExpress / Telerik for the front-end and Xamarin for the backend… this would help a great deal!

Love your work,
Jordan Ravka

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