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Objective Sharpie Error

RogisterAlainRogisterAlain BEBeta ✭✭✭


I need to convert an Objective-C library in C #.

I used the new Objective Sharpie tool. So I chose the IOS SDK 6.1. I put my headers and my library. Has and I generated the project.

Then I get an error directly :

Could not find a part of the path "System/Library/Frameworks/

What should I do to avoid this error?

thank you



  • ChrisHardyChrisHardy GBForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Do you have the Xcode command line tools installed? We have seen that error come up if you don't have them installed.

  • RogisterAlainRogisterAlain BEBeta ✭✭✭


    i have installed Xcode command line tools and that's run.

    But, i have a file and then i put this file in my project binding. I have a error on unmapped

    Example :

    [Export ("startReadeID:readAddress:readPhoto:waitRemove:timeOut:")]
    void StartReadeId ([unmapped: bool: Bool] readIdentity, [unmapped: bool: Bool] readAddress, [unmapped: bool: Bool] readPhoto, [unmapped: bool: Bool] waitRemove, int timeOut);

  • vbelletvbellet USMember, Beta ✭✭

    On my Mac it just crash at startup with this message in the console :

    5/9/13 2:57:09.480 PM[268]: ([0x0-0x498498].com.xamarin.ObjectiveSharpie[11888]) Exited with code: 1

    any specific requirement ?

  • UlrikeUlrike USBeta

    I get this error. Any ideas what to fix?

    The binding was not generated due to an error.

    Expected an (args) node

  • valpolushkinvalpolushkin CAMember


    I've had the same problem due to missing in /Applications. I keep multiple Xcode installations with versions in the filename (Xcode, etc.), so I just renamed the latest one to

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