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May 6th, 2015 - Glasgow, UK - Meetup Covering Xamarin.Forms and Test Cloud

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With special guests Xamarin this Mobile Developer meet up is dedicated to all things cross platform. If you're a mobile developer interested in building your first Xamarin app or if you develop apps natively but are looking for a better way to test your apps then please come along and join us for a Beer and Burger.

Michael James from Xamarin will be talking specifically on the difference between Classic Xamarin Cross platform and Xamarin.Forms as well as introducing the new Xamarin Test Cloud for testing your apps across platforms.

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Building cross-platform native UIs with one shared codebase was once just a dream. With Xamarin.Forms, this dream is now a reality. Xamarin.Forms allows you to build a native UI for three platforms with one shared C# codebase. Simply put, if you know C# then you already know how to build iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps. Leverage the .NET Framework to build out your shared business logic including integration with web services and Azure Mobile Services and then build out your shared UI in C# or XAML. Xamarin.Forms also features a built-in two-way data binding, dependency service to help you implement platform-specific code, an advanced cross-platform animation system, support for custom controls, and lots of other powerful features to help you build the best apps possible in the least amount of time.

During this session we will cover the Xamarin platform and the brand new Xamarin.Forms library to share even more code across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Moreover, we will really focus on the code with several live coding adventures throughout the entire session. When you leave you will have the knowledge to create your first iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile apps in C# with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms.

Test Cloud:

An ever growing number of mobile devices with constantly advancing operating system releases are hitting the market at a lightning pace. Creating a comprehensive testing suite is imperative to success in the mobile market to ensure your app is of the highest quality with each and every release. Unit tests can only test your core business logic. How can you ensure your user interface is bulletproof and regression free on four versions of iOS on 20 devices or eight versions of android on over 18,000 device models! This is where creating automated user interface testing for mobile apps comes in.

Xamarin.UITest is a freely available testing framework that enables you to create user interface tests to programmatically interact with native and hybrid apps. Swipe, tap, or rotate any user interface element and then perform real world assertions and take screenshots for visual validation along the way. Learn how to create these tests and run them locally on your own device or simulator or take them to the Xamarin Test Cloud to automatically test your application on thousands of physical devices ensuring mobile success.

Now with your apps out in the wild how do you plan on monitoring your applications in real time for crash reporting and analytics? Xamarin Insights provides a fully cross-platform API for all of your mobile applications and even integrates into popular services such as GitHub and Visual Studio online for mission critical updates. Learn how to easily integrate Insights into your mobile applications and extend further with identity and service integration.

Event Agenda

Door open 7pm with welcome, Beer and a Burger (get here before they are all gone!)

Michael James from Xamarin

Q&A followed by Networking

Attendance is strictly by ticket but tickets are FREE :)

Xamarin Test Cloud Starter

If you'd like to see what Xamarin Test Cloud can do for your app please send a link to the Android APK to Screenmedia before the event and we'll speak nicly to the Test Cloud team and get them to set-up some tests and run your app on 100 devices for you.

If that's not enough Xamarin will be bringing some awesome swag with them, monkeys & t-shirts will be up for grabs for the best questions but we’ll also have some special surprises on the night.

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